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dti ITI to Zimbabwe

July 30, 2009


The Department of Trade and Industry’s Trade and Investment SA, Export Promotion Unit is organizing an International Trade Initiative (ITI) to Zimbabwe (Bulawayo and Harare) from 17 – 25 September 2009.

For this ITI, the target sectors are:

•    Infrastructure [Rail, Energy, Telecom]
•    Agriculture and Agro-processing
•    Mining and Capital Equipment
•    Manufacturing and Electrotechnical
•    Tourism

The dti would like to invite you to participate at this event. Companies that wish to apply to participate in the ITI to Zimbabwe need to be:
•    Export ready
•    Competitive in the South African market
•    2-3 years of business experience
•    Exporting experience

Preference will be given to BEE and women-owned companies. Companies that apply to participate will be screened and selected in line with the dti’s Export Marketing and Investment Assistance (EMIA) Scheme and market requirements. the dti will offer financial support to qualifying companies.  This includes:

•    Air travel assistance (up to a certain limit)
•    A daily subsistence allowance of R1,800 per day
•    Freight forwarding of samples/brochures
•    Exhibition space / stands.

In addition to this, the South African Embassy in Zimbabwe will assist in arranging business-to-business meetings for South African companies that participate.
Companies that are interested in participating and require financial assistance will be required to complete and submit the EMIA Outward Selling Trade Mission application form as well as the supporting documentation as listed in the EMIA application forms and guideline documents. To download the application forms, please visit the dti website. Your application form with the relevant supporting documentation should be submitted to:

Mapungubwe- the dti Group House,
EMIA Division
Building A:  Ground Floor
77 Meintjies Street


Mapungubwe – the dti Group House
EMIA Division
Building A: Ground Floor
Private Bag X84

Please ensure that you complete the correct EMIA application form and comply to ALL of the EMIA requirements in order for your application to be considered.  The deadline for final applications is August 4th, 2009.

For more information, please contact Ms. Kulsum Ganey on (012) 394 1025 or


Blue Water Sailing Adverts

July 29, 2009

Have a look below at our double page spread in Blue Water Sailing!

National Pavilions

July 28, 2009

Picture 6

Three days of superb weather greeted visitors to the 6th Durban International Boat and Lifestyle Show over the 17th to 19th July.

The most spectacular boat show to have taken place in Durban was laid out at the Durban Marina where exhibitors compared the Durban International Boat and Lifestyle Show to internationally-renowned boat shows such as the Miami, Milan or Fort Lauderdale Shows.

Well over R150 Million worth of luxury craft floated in the exhibition area with 50 boats in the water and another 50 on land, displayed for visitors to explore.

Record crowds consistently flowed into the marina over the three days to find out more about all things aquatic and were not disappointed. With boats arriving from all over the world to add to the international aspect of the show, boats that were built as far a field as Australia and America moored alongside many exquisite locally built crafts glistening in the sunshine.

The Show hosted fantastic jet ski displays, demo rides on some of the powerboats available, talks hosted by Garmin that included an in-depth discussion of experiences by Bowman Ken Venn from the South African entry, ‘Shosholoza’ in the America’s Cup, and the fabulous Blokart that has been launched in the country from New Zealand that added to the fast and extreme aspect of the show.

Event Organiser, Barry Meehan beamed at the success of this year’s show, “We are delighted with the thousands of people that have come out to enjoy Durban’s winter weather. It is affirming to see the keen interest of the local public to water sports. Exhibitors were impressed with the entire show and the sales that have occurred over the weekend!”

Children enjoyed learning how to sail with Craig Millar’s developmental academy, Sail Africa, taking youngsters out in the colourful Sail Africa dinghies to experience sailing first hand. The Durban Model Boats Club gave lessons on how to control their spectacular miniature boats with their real-size counter parts not too far away from them. Children watched intrigued as the model boats zipped along the water.

Many of our members participated in the show, including:

Admiral Power
Admiral Yachts
Afri Cat
Catamaran Marquee
Proud Catamarans
Royal Cape Catamarans
Sea-Tribe Yacht Manufacturers

Look out for next years Durban International Boat and Lifestyle Show that promised to be bigger and better.


Now entering it’s seventh year, with a 360 degree display of everything in, on or under water – including the latest in powerboats, yachts, sailboats, scuba diving, fishing  and water-sports – the National Boat Show, featuring the ever popular Dive Expo (NBS), will be the largest and most comprehensive boat & leisure show on the continent.

Taking place at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg, the National Boat Show is recognised by visitors, exhibitors, the media and industry associations as the biggest event of its kind because it hosts the biggest number of exhibitors; visitors; exhibition floorspace; competition and prize bounty as well as boating, fishing, scuba and lifestyle events and attractions.

The event will feature more than 250 leisure craft, fishing craft, sailboats, yachts, catamarans, motor yachts, tournament boats, pontoons, houseboats, kayaks, inflatables, dinghies, kitesurfers, windsurfers, scuba gear, fishing equipment and much more.

With South Africa’s magnificent waterways and spectacular weather, watersports is one of our country’s greatest leisure activities.  If it sails, cruises or races on, above, below or alongside the water, chances are, it will be at this years National Boat Show.

If you’re an aquafanatic or want to be one, The National Boat Show featuring Dive Expo is the place for you and the whole family!

14th – 15th – 16th August 2009
The Coca-Cola dome

Opening hours are:

Friday: 11h00 – 18h00
(trade and consumer)
Saturday: 09h00 – 18h00
Sunday: 09h00 – 17h00

For more information, please visit

Cape Town International Boat Show gears up for show no 9

South Africa’s premier event for its yachting and water sport products once again promises to be an event not to be missed. Not only is the Cape Town International Boat Show South Africa’s longest running boat show, now in it’s 9th year, but also offers the widest diversity of boating related products at a single event.

This show has always catered for the whole boating fraternity. From a first time sailor in a Rubber Dinghy to someone who has sold up everything and plans to sail into the sunset with his “Dream Purchase” of an ocean going catamaran while world markets calm down. It’s all there with everything in between. As always, the show promises not to disappoint with new and innovative products and ideas on display.

Falling over the 24th September public holiday, this year’s event will span 4 exciting days at the CTICC and the V&A Waterfront. This not only gives those folk from outside Cape Town a fantastic opportunity to visit this great event, but also to experience Cape Town and all its many wonderful offerings.

Some of our members exhibiting at the show this year are:

•    Admiral Yachts
•    Catamaran Marquee
•    Central Boating
•    Custom Marine
•    Falcon Inflatables
•    Knysna Yachts
•    Southern Power Products
•    Two Oceans

Opening hours are 10h00 to 18h00 daily except for Sunday 10h00 to 16h00.

For more information please visit

Please see images below from the Durban Boat Show courtesy of Shaun Holland

Your online questions answered

July 28, 2009

With the advent of our new online initiatives, many of you have come to us with questions as to how our Facebook and Twitter sites operate. Below we’ve tried to answer your questions as comprehensively as possible, but, should you have any further enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Why Facebook ?

•    Facebook is a global phenomenon with an unprecedented reach, especially to an international audience with high internet usership (98% of all UK residents have access to the internet). It is a medium through which we are able to communicate directly and immediately, and provide updates in real time through instant Facebook notifications. We are also able to promote the page effectively to users who have specified interests such as ‘boating’ or ‘sailing’, thus creating a direct link to boating enthusiasts and those within the industry. Facebook offers an incredible opportunity for sector-specific marketing, and, as such, we feel it to be a perfect medium through which to communicate the latest news for and about our members.

Do I have to sign up to Facebook to access the page?

•    Facebook does require that you be a registered user in order to access company fan pages. Sign up is free and very comprehensive. Once signed up, you simply need to visit our page and ‘Become A Fan’, at which point you will receive our updates directly into your own homepage.

How do I receive your updates without having to sift through the myriad of friend updates in which I have no interest?

•    Facebook offers a very simple solution to this – updates that you aren’t interested in following are easily removed with a simply click. On the right hand side of each update you are offered a ‘Hide’ option, which you can click and remove that person and their updates from your feed. You are easily able to filter the information that you receive.

Will this information be available elsewhere?

•    We are currently in the process of overhauling the SABBEX website in order to make it your number one online port of call. The homepage will soon feature an up-to-the-minute news feed as well as a number of member benefits. Our Facebook and Twitter sites will ultimately feed into the SABBEX site and will serve the purpose of keeping you informed in real time.

How does Twitter work?

•    Twitter is a far simpler animal than Facebook, as it works simply as an imparter of news and updates. Users can choose to ‘follow’ a person or company, and receive updates much in the way that Facebook users do. The Twitter craze is particularly prevalent in the USA, and serves as a way for us to get news about our members to a wider, more international audience. By ‘following’ specified Twitter users, we expose them to our site and encourage them to follow our news and updates. You do not have to sign up to Twitter to view our page, but, by signing up, updates will be automatically received.

For any further queries, please feel free to contact me on (021) 418 6134 or

Still Silly, But Sobering Up

July 27, 2009

An Analysis of the Current Catamaran Market, New and Used
By: Phillip Berman, President, The Multihull Company

A few months back I described the current catamaran market as “silly time,” President Obama’s pithy description of the goofiness so often associated with running for office in America. Of course it’s silly time for any business when nobody knows what a product is worth and few people want to buy it. Buyers simply become too paralyzed to buy and sellers have no idea what to sell for. Such, I suppose, is the reality of a hard recession.

I can tell you as a yacht broker I’ve spent hours on the phone the past few months talking to sellers and buyers about their many anxieties. I have found this is all enormously interesting from a psychological/anthropological perspective, as it has given me insights into how buyers and sellers react to “hard times.”  Some panic, some remain stoic, others simply muddle along  mystified.

I’d say that from October 2008 until late March of 2009 the bulk of buyers I spoke with assumed they could pick up a gorgeous catamaran for 50% off last year’s prices. They hoped to take advantage of panic sellers and figured the first thing to go would be luxury items like sailboats. Lacking any real idea what last year’s prices really were – buyers, after all, no longer have access to accurate sales figures unless they are working with a broker who will provide it to them – we got a lot of calls from what I have come to call “E-Bay self-shoppers.”  These well meaning but often exasperating buyers spend long hours online searching for that elusive bargain. And nearly all of them, regardless of the asking price, reckoned that whatever the seller is asking must be far too high.  So we spent a lot of unproductive hours here reporting 50% offers to our unhappy sellers. The funniest part for me were the emails from people I have never met or spoken to who felt they needed to explain to me (often with long-winded rationalizations only Timothy Leary could have crafted) why the people selling cats should jump at their 50% offer. “It is gonna get worse, Phil, we’ll be standing in soup kitchen lines like the Great Depression in a matter of months…..”   Cable TV didn’t help matters with Kramer telling us to move back in with mom and prepare for some Mad Max dystopia where we’d be battling it out in the streets for survival in run down Ford Explorers.

Well, not a single catamaran sold for 50% off last year’s prices, at least not at our company. We did sell two catamarans in February, however, for nearly 30% off what they might have sold for a year ago. Ok, sure, Mad Max was a fun movie, but I never shared this fear and neither did most of those who asked us to sell their catamarans. I do, however, congratulate the few courageous buyers who got some great deals from December to March. That said, the tide has turned in a very significant way since April. Silly Time is largely behind us and the market is sobering up fast. We have certainly not entered into a hot seller’s market, but things are a far cry today from what they were in December. In the past two months there has been a flurry of buying activity in the used catamaran market.  There are several reasons for this:

1.     Buyers that are going sailing are going sailing. It is a dream and they are going to live it. While they may be getting a $300,000 boat now instead of a $400,000 boat, they are not giving up.

2.     Many serious buyers from October to March were sitting on the sidelines, waiting to see where prices might bottom out before jumping in to buy. I believe it is obvious to them now that brokerage prices have indeed bottomed out or are about to do so. Many are also wisely fearful that if the dollar weakens to the Euro cat prices may in fact rise very quickly in dollar terms.

3.     Savvy buyers also recognize that you cannot print trillions of dollars and not expect serious inflation in a fairly short period of time. Cash will be worth less and less and it may well be the time to put it into some hard assets. Many people have told me they wished they bought a catamaran two years ago instead of their beachfront condo.

4.     New boat sales came to an absolute standstill over the past several months as such that all the major builders were forced to cut back production dramatically, some as much as 50%.  When demand comes back, as it appears to be doing now, there will inevitably be greater demand for used boats since there will be less supply in the market. This will either stiffen brokerage prices or raise them in the years ahead. I also believe that several catamaran builders will go out of business in the next one to two years. New boat sales remain largely stalled.  Many companies are simply not capable of trimming back production 50% without running into trouble with burdensome debt loads.

5.     It is obvious (although the guys in plaid shorts at the yacht club will never admit it!) that catamarans have won, monohulls have lost. People who truly intend to live on a boat, voyage on a boat, realize that sailing on a catamaran is faster, more stable, more comfortable, just as safe, and offers a great deal more privacy for guests. The only growth market left in sailing is catamarans. A catamaran is not like a tract home in Arizona, or a condo in Miami. More people want them and there are not enough of them to go around. (An interesting statistic is that we have a wide range of people who are attempting to trade real estate for catamarans. Want a condo in the Virgin Islands?  Farm land in Colorado?  A townhome in Vegas?  A resort villa in Montana?  Acres of farm land in Colorado?  If so, and you want to trade your cat, let us know!  There is clearly a lot greater demand for catamarans now than real estate.)

All this said, where is the market now, where might it be headed?  Here is what I predict, based upon what we have seen and experienced here at my company:

1.     Buyers are back. They are back because they realize there are still some good buying opportunities in the market.

2.     The market for clean, late model, owner version cats from well known builders remains strong. That said, prices have adjusted downward about 10% to 15% off last year’s highs. I believe this adjustment is rather permanent for the next year, just as I believe my retirement account will not see the Dow at 14,000 again for several years. Of course I hope I am wrong.

3.     I think the demand for bareboat charters has slipped enough that there remains something of an oversupply of garden variety charter cats, especially in the Caribbean. For owners of cats operating in “non-guarantee revenue programs” they will be earning less than in years past, and this will likely precipitate more inventory in this market segment, leading to price declines on somewhat older (5 year or more) four cabin, four head, x-charter cats.  I see value declines of up to 20% off last year’s prices and this might last a year or more. So, if you can live with an x-charter boat with high engine hours and four tiny heads you can get a very low price on a cat compared to last year. I think it is a fantastic time to buy a cat that is configured for charter that you can place back into charter.  The downside depreciation is heavily mitigated if you buy properly in this market. Even if your boat does not charter as many weeks for a few years, it no longer has to because it cost you so much less to purchase her. That means you can sail her more yourself and she also gets less wear and tear.

4.     Demand for true voyaging cats – cats designed to sail comfortably and swiftly in Blue Water conditions – remains high. They are in shorter supply and higher demand than any other market segment. They have seen value declines, yes, but not nearly as high as those in brands that sell nearly 50% or more of their yachts into charter programs.

5.     There are still some very good deals for new boats from all the major builders who have backed up inventory and need cash – demonstration boats, overstocks, etc. While no builder can discount a boat like bank owned real estate in Phoenix or San Diego, they can offer very attractive deals to serious cash buyers. I do not think these deals will last much longer.

6.     Marine lending has tightened up a lot. Many banks have left the marine lending business. As such, the ability to secure financing is extremely hard now for all but the most over-qualified buyers. Last year, as we all know, they would loan to anybody (which got us into this mess) now they will hardly lend to anybody (which is helping to keep us in this mess). But as the economy starts to recover I believe the bankers will start to open up.

7.     The one great wild card that may alter things dramatically and which I cannot predict is the exchange rate between the dollar and the Euro, and to a lesser extent the South African Rand and British Pound to the dollar. Many fail to understand that the catamaran market is a truly international one. Americans really own a small share of the total catamaran market. In fact, many more Europeans own cats than Americans. And they bought their boats in Euros and will be counting the Euro when they sell them. Any time the dollar weakens to the Euro the price of catamarans will go up in dollar terms. The boats being sold in Euros will cost more dollars, and the dollar sellers will be able to lift their prices yet still sell for less than the Europeans. Over the past two years when we had the very weak dollar to the Euro this is largely what occurred – as a result, Americans are often shocked to learn how few used cats really are for sale in Florida and North America. The reason for this is that foreigners bought them from us over the past two years. Any cat over 38 feet is easily sailed long distances. Smart buyers will gladly spend $15,000 to sail a boat across the Atlantic if they are saving double or triple that amount on the purchase itself.

Ok, so there you have it. Straight-talk from the catamaran express. I promise next time to pick a running mate who can not only see Russia, but that little blip on the chart plotter to keep me from running into it.

Happy sailing,

Boatbuilding Academy Open Day – Win A Nutshell Sailing Boat

July 24, 2009

Boat Building Open Day

False Bay College together with the Cape Town Boat Building Initiative (CTBi) would like to extend a personal invitation to you and your young sailing members to attend our Open Day on Friday 04 and Saturday 05 September 2009.  This offers your members the opportunity to discover the advantages of Further Education and Training, and to start planning their future in boat building as a career.

As the current largest manufacturer of recreational catamarans in the world, the South African boat building industry is growing at a rapid rate and the need for qualified boat builders with ingenuity and devotion to create flawless craft is becoming more prominent.

We believe that the Open Day 2009 will provide an excellent opportunity for your members to gain more knowledge about the Academy’s boat building programme which will ultimately open the door to the growing boat building industry in South Africa. Each session will include a guided tour of the facilities and the state of the art equipment and a discussion covering the programme structure.

Date:    04 and 05 September 2009

Venue:    Westlake Boat Building Academy

25 Bell Crescent

Westlake Business Park


Time:    09h00 – 14h00

You also stand a chance to win a one-of-a-kind Nutshell Sailing Boat, built on site at the Academy, worth well over R6,000!

To book a session for your organisation, please RSVP to Marilize Roos on 021 702 3834  prior to the 21st of August.

We look forward to welcoming you to False Bay College Open Day 2009!

Please see below some pictures of the fantastic prize  you stand the chance to win as well as a map to the Academy!

Taking the water to the web

July 21, 2009

Taking the water to the web

Boating South AfricaCTBi and SABBEX have joined forces to bring you the South African Boating industry’s first truly interactive, online initiative. Now you can have free and immediate access to all the latest boating news, activities and events, both locally and internationally, from the convenience of your PC or mobile phone. Not only this, but we’ll be bringing you a brand new SABBEX website very soon, offering great opportunities for exposure and access to increased member benefits. These new initiatives will simply serve to add to our existing web presence, rather than replacing it entirely, and we hope you’ll join us and get involved.

Straight from the water to the web, everything you need to know will be instantly accessible. Through our brand new Facebook and Twitter profiles, you’ll be able to discuss a variety of key issues with fellow boating enthusiasts and builders as well as being able to upload promotional content directly. You’ll also be able to interact directly with us and have all your queries answered through what is sure to be the boating industry’s one-stop information shop.

Our members serve to gain a great deal of exposure through this initiative, with the opportunity to be leveraged to an audience of up to 5,000 local users as well as a huge international market.

Whether you’re a boatbuilder, a supplier to the industry or a boating enthusiast, our interactive portals will provide you with unprecedented access to relevant information, industry trends and news, as well as the chance to interact with both us and others.

We want to hear from you, so look out for a host of exciting competitions and events that will encourage you to get as interactive as possible! This is a great opportunity for the Boating Industry to hear your voice and to give back to you!

To become part of our online community, simply sign up with us at Facebook and Twitter and let’s get interactive!


Robert Shone

Tel/Fax: 021 418 6134
Mobile: 084 802 1662

Ground Floor, Marina Offices
West Quay Road
V&A Waterfront, 8001

What’s new from South African Boatbuilders

July 21, 2009

In spite of worrying economic times, South Africa’s boatbuilding industry continues to offer clients a range of exciting new vessels to meet a wide variety of requirements. With stunning new features and designs, we are very proud to present a taste of what our industry has produced in the past year, and a sneak preview of what is still to come! Many of these new vessels will grace the docks of the Fall & Winter shows, starting in September at Grand Pavois in La Rochelle, France.

Knysna 480

knysna480A fast sailing cruiser with an excellent track record, which looks to provide excellent investment value. Designed by renowned naval architect, Angelo Lavranos, this catamaran turns heads with its state-of-the-art streamlined design, large and practical flat decks, safety and seaworthiness. At a length of 13,85m and a displacement of 8, 500kg, this vessel is packed with new and exciting features such as the following:

• Additional buoyancy to carry extra components (generator, air conditioning, dive compressor etc).
• Good bridgedeck clearance
• Large cockpit area and dive platform
• Good headroom in all cabins and saloon
• Modern steering console
• Modern styling and finishes and the capacity to be customised to suit your individual sailing needs.

arrowYou can see the Knysna 480 at the Cape Town International Boat Show in September

For more information, visit The Knysna Yacht Company or Catamaran Marquee

Maverick 400

Maverick, sailing 038 The Maverick 400 is a new-generation   cruising catamaran for the discerning owner(s) and their friends and families, in which to explore new worlds and experience a new lifestyle in home-like luxury and comfort. The design is unique and based on many years of Phil Southwell’s naval architectural expertise as well as many nautical miles of practical cruising experience. Although a charter version is available, it is aimed more at the discerning cruiser than the charter market. At a length of 12,2m and a displacement of 11,500 kg, this yacht has been constructed with the utmost care and quality control, and offers some of the following new features:

* Extra-wide hulls providing good load-carrying and generous cabins with excellent visibility.
* High bridge deck clearance and a vast cockpit with easy sea access
* An interior incorporating best-practice design and ergonomics for small spaces.
* Deck saloon with wrap-around windows comprising of a large galley, saloon, nav-station and breakfast nook, opening up onto the cockpit via sliding glass doors and windows, to create an extensive living area.

arrowYou can see the Maverick 400 at the HISWA in-water Boat Show and at the Grand Pavois International Boat Show in La Rochelle, France

For more information, visit Maverick Yachts or Catamaran Marquee

Custom VT 7000

customJames Turner’s masterpiece has achieved a well-deserved reputation as the “James Bond” of boats. Apart from its incredible speed and power, the Custom VT 7000 is all about style and sophistication. It is clear that the VT7000 was built to improve quality of life onboard. At a top speed of 38 knots, the VT7000 planes out effortlessly to give the most comfortable ride imaginable even in challenging sea conditions. The VT7000 also offers some of the following exciting features:

• Transom swim ladder
• Trailer double axle galvanised with brakes
• Led courtesy lights
• Fishing Rod storage locker
• Garmin Touch Screen 3D Navigation Equipment

For more information, visit Custom Marine

Leopard Powercat 37

Picture 1Designed by naval architects Morrelli and Melvin and built by Robertson and Caine, the new Leopard Powercat 37 follows the family heritage and successes of her bigger sister, the Leopard 47 Powercat. With the concept and styling perfected by the Robertson and Caine design team, led by Anthony Key, the Leopard 37 Powercat utilises the latest building technology to achieve a light strong structure. Powered by 2 x 110HP Yanmar diesel engines, the yacht boasts better than average efficiencies and a top speed of 22MPH, as well as the following exceptional features:

• Spacious, luxurious interiors
• Climate controlled interior with indoor and outdoor dining areas
• 2 double cabins with 2 en-suite toilets and showers, offering comfortable accommodations for up to 6 guests

For more information, visit Robertson & Caine

Dean 498

Dean498CatExtView1With over 90 years of combined sailing experience, Dean’s father and son team formulate the parameters for any new Dean Cat design, based on extensive research and the observation of current and future trends, resulting in constant evolution and development. The new Dean 498 catamaran is no exception, boasting stylish and futuristic finishes and state-of-the-art construction. As on the Dean 441, the mast rake is to be retained at 6 degrees for upwind performance and quick tacking. With a 55HP engine, the Dean 498 offers some of the following unique features:

• Luxury interior with craftman furnishings
• 2 spacious guest en-suite luxury cabins
• Large panoramic saloon and cabin windows
• Bulkhead mounted steering with 2 electric winches which control all standard sail functions
• Anchor and windlass hidden under foredeck locker

arrowYou can see the Dean 498 at the Grand Pavois International Boat Show as well as the Cannes International Boat Show

For more information, visit Dean Catamarans

Eraco 6m V-Skiff

Picture 3Suitable for use as a fishing, diving, patrolling, rescue or standby boat, the Eraco 6m V-Skiff offers heavy-duty, deep V-shaped hull construction, that is hard-wearing yet nimble. Its flotation collar provides ample reserve buoyancy, making it a stable and safe vessel, while the wet deck arrangement is also suitable for offshore or any rough water conditions. With an overall length of 5.8m, the V-Skiff fits into a 6m container for easy shipping. An optional jet propulsion system can also be fitted if required. The V-Skiff was the overall winner in the Trailerable Power Craft (Water-ski Boats, Ski Boats, Runabouts, Ribs, Inflatables) category at the annual South African Boating Awards, in acknowledgment of its functionality and ability to be customised to suit a wide variety of functions.

For more information, visit Eraco Boatbuilders

TAG 60

tag60Designed to be the ultimate world cruiser, the TAG 60, built by TAG Yachts, can be easily handled by a couple and is capable of high mileage daily runs in relatively light airs. With the ability to attain high speeds, the TAG 60 will rapidly get you to where you want to go, allowing more time to enjoy the destination. The TAG 60 is a new generation catamaran with sports car-like styling that features a fusion of classic and contemporary interior design. It also offers the following exciting features:

• Advanced use of ‘green’ technology in the form of diesel-electric propulsion, which allows one to maneouvre under electric power in and out of anchorages and marinas in ‘silent’ mode and then regenerate the power used while sailing. This reduces diesel and waste fumes, and reduces the need for extra diesel engines and maintenance.
• One central computer system which will be used to monitor all instruments, engines and tanks
• Various options for customisations

arrowThe next delivery date for the TAG 60 will be in mid 2009.

For more information, visit TAG Yachts

Nexus 600 Sail-away

nexusConceived, designed and built as an accomplished blue water cruising vessel, the Nexus 600 sailing catamaran provides all the features, quality and performance required when taking to the high seas. The Nexus 600 maintains a high level of simplicity and avoids sophisticated finishes that serve no real function, with the focus being on providing the essence of comfort. Designed from scratch as a capable load carrier, with fuel, water tank and load carrying capacities that reflect the requirements of a serious ocean expedition, the Nexus 600 has hull lines that have been optimised to carry substantial loads without negatively affecting performance or handling. The interior secondary structure and furniture panels are cored wherever possible to enhance stiffness and reduce weight, and great lengths have been taken to avoid the use of plywood and other hardwood timber in the interests of long term water resistance. Other unique features offered are:

• Four cabin layout with customisation options
• Cavernous hull space
• Large cockpit area
• Swim platform
• Optimised ventilation
• An extendable cabin roof in the interests of sun and rain protection

arrowYou can see the Nexus 600 Sail-Away at the Strictly Sail Miami Boat Show

For more information, visit Nexus Catamarans

Matrix Vision 450 Catamaran

matrixvision450The ‘Strictly Sail’ Miami Boat show will be the venue for Matrix Yachts’ unveiling of their soon to be launched Vision 450, whose modern design matches the innovation and style of the Silhouette 760. The Vision 450 caters to both the charter operator and ocean explorer and is a highly anticipated addition to the Matrix Yachts range. The Vision 450 is a unique opportunity for anyone looking for a catamaran in the 44ft-46ft range, but wanting the quality construction and attention afforded to luxury vessels over 50ft. Inspired by the futuristic design of the 76 ft Matrix catamaran, she offers an expansive interior layout, a stylish, sleek design as well as excellent stability and sailing performance.

arrowYou can see the Matrix Vision 450 Catamaran at the Strictly Sail Miami Boat Show

For more information, visit Matrix Yachts or Catamaran Marquee

Stealth 520 RUV

stealthThe STEALTH 520 Resort Utility Vessel is purposely designed and developed to meet the needs of executive style, ferry services and exhilarating excursions. Known as a Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran (HYSUCT), the Stealth 520 RUV is a hybrid of a catamaran hull, but equipped with a hydrofoil system between the demi-hulls which carries part of the craft’s weight at speed. The efficient load carrying capability of the hydrofoil system combined with the inherent stability and pleasant seakeeping properties of the planing catamaran result in a most economical high speed surface craft. Various layout and hard top configuration options allow the owner to customise this
superb craft to best suit the specific application. Offering 40% greater efficiency than comparable craft, as well as 30% less speed loss through waves, the Stealth 520 RUV also offers the following:

• Longer range at higher speed
• Minimal wetted area and surface friction
• Unprecedented fuel economy
• Less engine hours at higher speed
• Extensive cruising range
• High performance at optimum RPM

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South African Boating Industry Celebrates

July 14, 2009

Andrew Barends_Caudwell-beThe Annual South African Boating Awards took place in May at the Lagoon Beach Hotel in Cape Town. Presented by the Cape Town Boatbuilding and Technology Initiative (CTBi), in partnership with SABBEX, these awards, now in their third year, are designed to recognise innovation, exacting standards and a commitment to excellence within the boatbuilding and boating industry.

This celebration of industry successes was held alongside the first ever African Boating Conference – a reflection of the growth in the boatbuilding and boating industry. Some notable guests at the glittering event included Cape Town City Councillor Pat Hill, Donald Mabusele and Corne du Plessis of the DTI, Chairman of SABBEX Ken Bircher and Ulrich Heineman of IMCI.

Finance MEC Alan Winde took on the role of keynote speaker at the awards, and used the opportunity to announce the success of the CTBi in their bid for the launching facilities at Elliot Basin in Cape Town harbour. The news was met with much applause as the National Ports Authority (NPA) had initially rejected CTBi’s bid as being too low, and many felt that the loss of the tender could have spelt the demise of the local boatbuilding industry.

Buoyed by the announcement, the awards were then presented by Mr. Mokhele, CEO of SAMSA. Some of the winners were:

• Uwe Jasperson was presented with the Notable Achievement Award, having designed and built two different boats in 2008 that each received different awards – The Class 40 was the “40 Degrees” 2008 Class 40 Champion and his 37’ Catamaran won the 2008 Cruising Multihull in the Sail US magazine.
• Fabian Baadtjies and Phumelele Gobinduku were presented with the Best Student Awards from the Boatbuilding Academy and the Whisper Boatbuilding Academy respectively. The Whisper Academy is an initiative which aims to initiate deaf students into the industry.
• The Best Sailing Craft (All Sizes) Award was presented to Maverick Yachts’ Maverick 380. The new generation Maverick is regarded as being by far the most innovative sailing vessel to come out of South Africa in the last year. Able to accommodate up to 12 passengers, the Maverick offers exceptional space utilisation, an incredible 360 degrees of visibility and an air of pure luxury.
• Stealth Yachts’ Stealth 520 RUV took the award for Best Power Craft (All Sizes). The only high speed luxury commuter ferry built in SA on production basis.,the Stealth 520 RUV is a top quality craft, with unique foils and drive system as well as a stunning design.
• Winner in the Trailerable Power Craft (Water-ski Boats, Ski Boats, Runabouts, Ribs, Inflatables) category was Eraco 6m V-Skiff from Eraco Builders, a functional 28 knot trailerable vessel that can be configured to meet various functions. Its all-aluminium structure is robust and can be used in hazardous situations where debris is plentiful.
• Caudwell Marine’s Axis Drive took the award for Most Innovative Product/Design of the Year. A unique drive system for power boats and a world first, this was awarded based on its huge potential.

An event which continues to grow and flourish based on the industry’s continuing development, the 3rd Annual South African Boating Awards was again a great success. With the successful bid for the launching facilities at Elliot Basin, the industry looks to go from strength to strength.
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First Ever African Boating Conference A Resounding Success

July 14, 2009

The first ever African Boating Conference hit the shores of Cape Town last month and has been hailed as a great success. With over 80 attendees, predominantly from the industry as well as government departments, the event consisted of a full day’s worth of workshops and interactive sessions. Held in conjunction with CTBi’s AGM and Annual Awards Dinner, the conference was complementary, and open to the entire industry, with CTBi members receiving priority. Divided into three sessions, attendees were able to elect specific workshops or enjoy the conference as a whole. Some of the programme’s highlights were as follows:

• The Boatbuilding Academy at FBC offered an interactive skills development session. This consisted of a presentation of the courses currently offered by the academy, as well as a lively discussion regarding present training loopholes in the sector.
• Uli Heineman from IMCI and Peter Jacobs offered a presentation on the combined NMMA and CE Certification as well as one on MCA and the Australian certification.
• A panel discussion took place regarding the present regulatory environment impacting small craft, with particular reference to SAMSA requirements and the application thereof by various bodies.
• Lloyd Williams from Caudwell Marine presented the revolutionary new Axis Drive, which was developed and manufactured in Cape Town. This was followed by a discussion on technical trends and other new innovations and projects in the sector.
• The DTI offered a presentation on various export incentives, which was followed by a panel discussion on import duties, bonded warehouses and rebates.
• RSB Insurance and Totalserve Management led a discussion on the hot topic of financing within the sector. This session also covered issues such as insurance options, vessel tracking, and international insurance.

The line-up drew guests from far afield, such as Roger Paarman of Nexus Catamarans, who travelled from St. Francis Bay to attend the event, and didn’t hesitate to give it a glowing review. “Thanks for the informative conference. It was well worth my visit and most valuable to starting up companies.” By all accounts the event was a resounding success and looks to be an annual feature on the boating calendar for years to come.