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November 17, 2009


CTBi News Blast 2 – 17.11.2009

Hello to all CTBi members and welcome to our second bi-weekly news blast, in which we present you with all the latest, exclusive industry news. At the moment the Elliot basin is filling up, and we are working hard to repair the docks and expand our capacity. Between now and the new year a lot of new boats are being launched, and, as a result, space in the Elliot Basin is at a premium. Please make sure you get your bookings in early so that we’ll be able to accommodate you. For more information on booking mooring or hard space,  please email


First ever Multihulls only boatshow to launch
courtesy of IBI

The world’s first boat show devoted solely to multihulls is to take place in Lorient, France, next year from April 15-18, 2010.Organised by Société M2O, the 1st Atlantic Multihull Boat Show will be held just in front of the Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly. The harbour will accommodate new sail and power catamarans as well as trimarans both afloat and along the quay. OEMs, charter companies, associations, sailing schools and others industry stakeholders will also be present.

During the show, visitors will be able to take part in demonstrations and sea trials on Lorient harbour. They will also have the opportunity to admire former racing multihulls and craft exceeding 18m (60ft) in length. The Atlantic boat show will alternate every two years with a Mediterranean edition to be held in a yet-to-be chosen port.


Celebrate the memory of the achievements and life of the late Stanley ‘Bertie’ Reedbertie


As most are aware, Stanley ‘Bertie’ Reed was the first South African to single-handedly complete three circumnavigations of the globe in 1991and was subsequently nominated to the Single-Handed Sailor’s Hall of Fame in the Museum of Yachting at Newport, Rhode Island, U.S.A. He sailed a calculated 170 000 sea miles competitively, over 100 000 miles of which were singlehanded, all of which has earned him a special honoured place among the elite of blue-water sailors around the world.

In memory of the achievements and life of the late Stanley John “Bertie” Reed ( 19/01/1943 – 18/12/2006), an unveiling of his bust will take place at the V&A Waterfront clock tower on Sunday 22nd November.

All RCYC members are invited to attend the ceremony scheduled to take place at 10h00.  The unveiling will be attended by Pat Reed and family, and will also include participation by the Clipper Fleet, under the helm of Sir Robin Knox-Johnson who is expected to unveil the bust at 11h00.


The Clipper Fleet will set off on their 3rd Leg (Cape Town – Australia), on Sunday 22nd November.  The planned sequence for their departure is as follows:

Sun 22nd:

Am    – prepare all boats for departure
10h00 – Guests and spectators arrive
10h30 – Unveiling ceremony commences
11h15 – Clipper Fleet commence departure through V&A cutting
– led by Voortrekker 1  (past spectators and guests)
12h00 – All spectator and send-off vessels depart for Table Bay,
in preparation for Leg 3  start
14h00- Race Start

All vessels are invited to participate in the event and are welcome to moor within the Victoria Basin (not through cutting).  We look forward to maximum participation and look forward to a large fleet to send-off the Clipper vessels.


From the Skills Desk

Firstly, we’d like to congratulate Candice Whisgary, the proud winner of the Nutshell Rowing Dingy competition held by the Boatbuilding Academy at the Cape Town Boat Show. We wish her many happy hours on the water.

Training opportunities

ABET Training in the Boat Building Industry

whisper boatsFREE Occupationally based Adult Basic Education and Training is available for Boat Builders.  Project Literacy will visit your factory and discuss your needs.  Your employees will be assessed and a training programme put together to address their specific needs.  This course can take place on Saturdays so there will be no impact on your production schedule.  This is a fantastic opportunity for your employees who dropped out of the formal school system. Contact Vanessa Davidson if you would like to participate.

MERseta Voucher training update

Health & Safety, Firefighting, Computer Courses, Administration and much much more! The MERseta Voucher System has been a great success.  The programme has been temporarily suspended while MERseta audit the vouchers and training courses.  Please e-mail Vanessa Davidson if you are keen to do any training on the Voucher System next year and she will identify the right training providers and let you know when things are up and running again.


Elliot Basin

We are constantly striving to make the marina a better and more efficient place, and we would like to ask all members for some goodwill and support. We are in need of various supplies and equipment and would greatly appreciate kind donations of any of the following should you be able:

Ropes and mooring lines
Fenders for boats ( in case of emergencies. All boats have their own but it would be nice to have some on hand… in emergencies)
Fire extinguishers – dry powder, CO2 and AFFF
Self-inflating life jacket
VHF radios
First Aid Kit with Trauma Board
Shackles ‘D’ and Bow

elliot basin

We hope you enjoyed the first news blast and continue to support the endeavour by sending in all your news. We’d greatly appreciate your feedback, which you can send to Happy boating!


2010 Development and Promotional Opportunities

November 10, 2009


During the FIFA 2010 World Cup, the focus will undoubtedly be solely on soccer, soccer and more soccer. The challenge for SABBEX during this time is to capitalise on the abundance of potential foreign investors that will be making their way to Cape Town for the event. FIFA regulations have identified a 1km brand exclusion zone, which forbids advertising by any parties not officially linked to the event itself. As a result, it would benefit SABBEX to forge partnerships with these companies in order to effectively communicate the benefits of buying South African built boats.

As the World Cup takes place during the winter months, complications arise in terms of spending time at sea. Trips will be entirely weather dependent, and, as a result, it will be hard to develop any type of charter system. Consequently the proposal is as follows:

  • Approach sponsor companies (MTN, Telkom, McDonald’s etc) and present them with an opportunity to sponsor a South African built yacht
  • This will then allow them to transport stakeholders and VIPs out to sea and present them with breathtaking stadium views as well as panoramic views of the City and peninsula
  • This will give SABBEX access to high income stakeholders and VIPs and allow us one-on-one interaction time, during which information regarding South African companies can be appropriately distributed
  • This is a low budget exercise which allows us to a) enter the exclusion zone and b) grant ourselves an audience with appropriate potential buyers
  • This also offers the title sponsors an excellent opportunity for further branding and an extension of the value proposition

The occasion presents itself as a great opportunity to entice potential import buyers to buy South African made vessels. By approaching them directly and granting ourselves a semi-private audience, we offer ourselves the possibility of making a real, lasting impact. By involving title sponsors we illicit the potential for huge exposure and bypass the problematic exclusion zone regulations. We see this as a fantastic opportunity for our members to get involved and promote their vessels to an audience with a huge amount of disposable income, and possibly generate the chance to export to new markets. We will be sending out communications shortly with a more detailed proposal but we would like to make you aware of this very exciting opportunity.

National Boat Show Review

November 10, 2009



Africa’s largest boat and leisure show, the National Boat Show, has gained its status as the continent’s premier boat and leisure show by being first with new attractions, new products, leisure events and innovations.

Even though the recession has forced many of us to think very carefully about how we spend our money, it appears the boating, watersports and leisure industry offers the kind of returns that keep the spending public interested.

Close on 32 000 people visited the 2009 National Boat Show featuring Dive Expo, which took place from 14 to 16 August at the Coca-Cola dome in Johannesburg. “This despite the economic downturn,” says Heidi Warricker, managing director of Biz Events. “Waterborne activities present an economical opportunity to combine our leisure, entertainment, health and family interests into one. And a day out on the water is food for the soul.”

A visitor survey conducted at the National Boat Show reveals that South Africans who enjoy this lifestyle are unshakably committed to it, with 60% of those surveyed having visited the show in previous years. The fact that 40% of the survey respondents attended the National Boat Show for the first time is also testament to the growing interest in boating and family orientated leisure activities.

Actual purchases or arrangements to purchase were highest in the powerboat category, with considerable representation in the R 600 000 and upward spending bracket, showing substantial purchasing power in the luxury boat segment.

Andre van Helsdingen of Twin Boats noted that it was “the best show in South Africa” and further commented, “It has the same feel as what I have experienced at shows in England, Germany and Miami. Despite the economic environment, the show fostered positive, quality business.”

Organiser Heidi Warricker in turn commended exhibitors for their input, “We can congratulate all exhibitors on their fantastic stands, enthusiasm and marketing savvy. It sent out a message that we will continue to make the National Boat Show featuring Dive Expo the leading show of its kind on the continent.”

Warricker confirms that they will, as always, aim to make the next show bigger and better than ever before. Be sure to diarise 13 – 15 August 2010 for the next National Boat Show featuring Dive Expo at Coca-Cola dome.

For further information visit /

Cape Town International Boat Show A Great Success

November 10, 2009

boat-show-2009-logo-jpeg_smallThis year’s Cape Town International Boat Show, a bumper 4 day edition of the event, provided substantial reassurance to an industry that has suffered as a result of the global recession. Despite inclement weather, the spirits of visitors and exhibitors were not dampened, and 14,000 feet poured through the doors. Although visitor numbers were slightly down from the previous year’s event, it appears that those in attendance wielded serious purchasing power. Sales in fact saw an increase, with purchases upwards of R7 million being made at the show.

Dries van Rooyen, of Catamaran Marquee, echoed these sentiments, “I felt that the number of visitors was down from last year, but that the quality of genuine potential buyers was better, despite the heavy rain on Saturday afternoon.”

Several new designs made their debut at the show including the Maverick 400, the Matrix Vision 450 and the Knysna 480, all of which received very positive responses from visitors. Some exhibitors did feel that the show might benefit from a later time slot in future, so as not to clash with La Rochelle and potentially alienate a portion of the target audience.

Nonetheless, overall reviews of the event drew high praise. Johnny Malherbe, the organiser of this, the show’s 9th incarnation, commented, “whilst visitor numbers were down on 2008 visitor stats, reports from the exhibitors were extremely positive with requests for 2010 space already coming in. This bodes very well for the Cape Town International Boat Show as 2010 will be our 10th anniversary, and great and exciting things are in the pipeline to make this an event to remember.”

Exporter Country Profile – India

November 10, 2009

boat-show-webpageIndia. One of the largest and fastest growing industrial countries in the world. The second fastest growing economy at the moment and, according to some studies, the fourth largest consumer market in the world by 2025. But what does this growth mean for the boating industry? What is the long and short term potential for South African Boat Builders?

The downside in terms of exporting to the Indian market is that there aren’t yet sufficient marinas, and the Indian government currently provides very little support to Boat builders or companies looking to build additional marinas. However, experts believe that this is set to change. The recent arisal of the FICCI Boating Forum, an organisation that functions as a national trade association to promote the boat building industry as well as a bridge  between boat builders, owners and the government, represents a promising start.

The future of India currently seems very bright, with a fast-growing number of high income earners. According to the latest Asian-Pacific wealth report, published by Merrill Lynch and Capgemini, India had a growth of 22,7% to 123,000 millionaires in 2008. Economical experts expect this number to continue to grow steadily.

Additionally, the Indian government has recently announced plans to invest in inland waterways, with a focus on the improvement of the quality of lakes and rivers for leisure boating. The 4,350 miles of coastline offer numerous boating possibilities in Goa, Kochi, Kerala and the surroundings of Mumbai. It is expected that the leisure boating industry will be worth at least US $ 1 billion in the next 5 years.

In terms of opportunities to exhibit craft in India, two major boat shows provide just that. With over 25,000 and 10,000 visitors respectively, the Mumbai International Boat Show (MIBS) and the Goa International Boat Show (GIBS) has inspired great interest in those in the medium-high socio-economic bracket. Besides these boat shows there will be a new event on the agenda. This new event, planned to be held in Mumbai, has been established in order to stimulate the interest of leisure boating in India. The aim of the IMF is to promote boating with a quality event that is owned and run solely for the benefit of the industry. The event will be held over three days, with a one day trade networking forum being followed by a 2 day boat show.

Currently India relies heavily on imports, with over 50% of Boat Show exhibitors travelling from foreign markets.

Whilst India is certainly not without its problems, it offers good economic prospects, solid plans for improvement of the waterways, a growing middle class and an ever-increasing number of millionaires. With the economic recession hitting western economies with great force, it is perhaps in the East that exporters will be able to find greater promise.

SABBEX is presently conducting further in-depth research into India’s prospects as an exporting option, and will be sure to send through our findings in the very near future.


Matrix Yachts

November 10, 2009

matrixMatrix Yachts is a family owned business that produces the stylish and luxurious Silhouette 760 and the newly launched Vision 450 catamarans. The combination of extensive sailing and chartering experience as well as Peter’s structural engineering background has made this company a world recognised manufacturer of high quality yachts. The Silhouette 760, with its innovative use of space and unrivalled master cabin has been voted one of the most desirable private and charter yachts in its category, whilst the recently launched Vision 450 looks to follow in the groundbreaking steps of its large sister.

The Vision 450 is a new model sailing catamaran that Matrix Yachts has introduced to cater for the cruising and charter market.  It follows many of the same concepts and styling that their highly successful Silhouette 760 has become well known for.

Its interior is exceptionally spacious and well appointed due to its voluminous hulls and unique coach roof and deck styling.  Throughout the yacht the head room is generous (Saloon 6’ 8” and cabins 6’ 5”).  The on board storage is enviable and items such as SCUBA tanks and stowage of guest suitcases and cockpit cushions that are often over looked are provided for.

From bridge deck level there is a 360 degree panoramic view of the surroundings and the recessed vertical forward facing windows gives the saloon good sun shielding.

Two versions are available, one being a 4 cabin layout and the other being an owner’s version.  In both versions the cabins are spacious and each have large en suite bathrooms with separate showers.  The master cabin in the owner’s version has a settee and office.

The engines are accessed from outside the yacht to reduce odours and noise.  The transoms are wide to make boarding from the tender or water easy.  The yacht also has sacrificial keels for safety purposes.

With this latest launch, Matrix Yachts looks to go from strength to strength and continue to make a great impact in both local and international markets.

For more information please visit their website